The Specialized Foundation is providing kids with the tools to achieve academic health and social success through cycling

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The Specialized Foundation uses cycling as a tool for children to achieve academic, health, and social success. Through investments in primary scientific medical research and school-based cycling programs, our mission is to increase accessibility to cycling to aid youth in personal development and education.


Specialized Founder and CEO, Mike Sinyard, has long dealt with the effects of ADHD in his own life. The inability to stay focused and being easily distracted were something he had grown to just accept as “normal.” Yet, he noticed that those symptoms seemed to dissipate after returning from a ride. Mike also saw the positive benefits that riding has had on his son, Anthony, who also suffered from ADHD. So when the Bicycling Magazine article “Riding Is my Ritalin” came across his desk, he decided that it was time to explore whether or not there really was science behind riding’s impact on the brain.

We’re committed to doing the right thing, and where we see a chance to help, we’re going to do it. We make bikes, and bikes help kids. But we can’t do it alone. We need people like you to get involved and join the movement, and together, we’ll make a difference for generations to come. Let’s outride ADHD.



Riding for Focus Newsletter #7

In this issue of Riding for Focus, we'll give you the highlights from the inaugural Riding for Focus Research Summit at Stanford University before we catch up with Whatcom Middle School in Washington. And for your viewing pleasure, we go headlong into the new Outride ADHD campaign and its stunning video spot that's airing right now. Read the Issue


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Press Release • May 23, 2017

Middle Schools Selected

The Specialized Foundation announced the 20 middle schools selected for the 2017-2018 Riding for Focus school program. The program integrates cycling into the physical education curriculum as a means to help students improve academic, health, and social success. Read the Release

I’d rather ride my bike than play video games…It helped me get better grades since I’ve been concentrating more…It feels good.